Black River Productions llc is a licensed, professional audio production studio located along Lake Michigan in the Black River area of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Black River is the Realization of more than 35 years of music creation  -  "A persons music is like a piece of themself and EVERYONE wants to put out thier best self, So people like to know who they're trusting, you know?   Sooooo........  It all starts in 1978 with a KISS album......(no really)       By age 9 I had my first guitar and by age 14 I was already in bands and writing and recording on an old 4-track. In the Late '80's / early '90's I majored in Guitar at Music Tech of Minneapolis, with a secondary in audio engineering. Many years, many bands and many tracks recorded in many genre over the following years have given me a pretty good ear and alot of humility!"   - Gifrok





In a studio.. time is money.. The more prepared & rehearsed Your Project is.. The quicker it will go and that will translate into lower costs. Re-takes, Punch-ins & editing add time.. and therefore, translate into higher costs

During any 4 hr block there will be a 15 min. Break and for an 8 hr block there will be a 1 hr. Lunch break. (This is NOT charged against your time)

The Connemara Boys

If These Boys Dont Inspire You

To Break Into A Jig.........

               ...........It's A You Problem!!


80's Metal Heads, Hamfist !! ..... Back With A LOT of Fresh Angst For  a New Millenia. 


  --Give These Local Boyz A Listen--

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