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Black River


Black River Studio

Black River Productions llc is a licensed, professional audio production studio located along Lake Michigan in the Black River area of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Black River is the Realization of more than 35 years of music creation  -  "A persons music is like a piece of themself and EVERYONE wants to put out thier best self, So people like to know who they're trusting, you know?   Sooooo........  It all starts in 1978 with a KISS album......(no really)       By age 9 I had my first guitar and by age 14 I was already in bands and writing and recording on an old 4-track. In the Late '80's / early '90's I majored in Guitar at Music Tech of Minneapolis, with a secondary in audio engineering. Many years, many bands and many tracks recorded in many genre over the following years have given me a pretty good ear and alot of humility!"   - Gifrok





It all starts with a QUALITY recording. Wether you want to use our gear or yours ... We will get it tracked RIGHT! This will ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Here's where your VISION really starts to take shape. From taming the wild frequencies to seducing the subtle nuances ... We will work with YOU to get a Master Ready Mix. 

This is the difference between a PRO QUALITY product and a demo. It deals with Fine Adjustments  that  polish and glue everything together.  SO..... 

Better the Mix    -    Better the Master



In a studio.. time is money.. The more prepared & rehearsed Your Project is.. The quicker it will go and that will translate into lower costs. Re-takes, Punch-ins & editing add time.. and therefore, translate into higher costs

During any 4 hr block there will be a 15 min. Break and for an 8 hr block there will be a 1 hr. Lunch break. (This is NOT charged against your time)



ddrum Hybrid 6 Availabble for use.


Black River Productions LLC

Sheboygan, WI. 53081 



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Bookings Are Available 7 Days A Week: 10am - 10pm

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Lots pedals and effects to choose from.


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